Posted by: mrobayna | April 19, 2012

New, Free Money Managing Tool for the DIY-er

Ever get the feeling that you have no idea where all your money is going? Or that your paycheck is spent before you ever really get a chance to figure out what you’re spending it on? Budgeting is critical tool to help you manage your money, but is sometimes difficult to do on your own., a website designed to help you budget and manage your money, helps simplify the process and gets you in control of your money.

Learnvest has a few useful tools that allows users to easily track their money. The website has a feature that allows you to link to your credit card and bank accounts to more easily track your spending habits. You can also develop a detailed budget and set savings goals on the website. Learnvest also offers tips on how to get in control of your money, including how to cut your expenses, pay down your debt and take control of your finances.

Membership for a basic account is free, but members have the option of upgrading their account for more personalized support.

Remember that if you would like personalized advice on structuring your budget, improving your credit, paying down your debt, or learning how to save, CONNECT offers free one-on-one financial coaching and group financial workshops. For more information, contact Laura Lucas at,  617-889-1375, ext. 17 or Carol Rijo at, 617-889-1375, ext. 16.


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