Posted by: pmayor | March 15, 2012

Signature Breads fundraiser celebration

Bernadette Rousseau, Chair of CND board of directors, contacted the CE department in late January about the Signature Breads fundraiser for the Spencer Green Afterschool Program. We were elated to hear that Signature Breads staff had run the fundraiser in the Everett farmer’s market and raised about five times the amount raised at the Chelsea farmer’s market! To raise the funds, Signature Bread’s staff participated in the weekly Everett farmer’s market where they sold bags of their excess bread from the week. This effort took a combined total of 612 hours from May thru October. Several volunteers dedicated every Saturday to the fundraiser.

Bernadette proposed we have a ceremony to celebrate the fundraiser’s success. We were immediately on board! After weeks of planning, we put on a successful event on February 16th in which we celebrated the hard work of Signature Staff and the future of the afterschool program.  Seven staff from Signature Breads, seven staff from CND, and about six families from the afterschool attended the event. It was wonderful to see the Signature Breads staff interact with the children. The kids had fun pairing up with the staff to make people out of vegetables. After their hard work creating veggie people, the kids rewarded themselves by dipping bananas in chocolate. After the event, a few parents spoke with CE staff about how impressed they were by the celebration and the commitment of the Signature Breads staff. One mother praised the event in poetically simple words, “Fue bonito”, which translates to, “It was beautiful”.


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