Posted by: pmayor | November 22, 2011

Trip to the Boston Children’s Museum!

In October, Spencer Green tenants went on a trip to the Boston Children’s Museum. BNY Mellon donated tickets to the Boston Children’s Museum as recognition of the afterschool program’s success last spring. Because of this donation, the Community Engagement team was able to put on this field trip for all youth and parents who wanted to participate.

The trip was a great success! With ten tenants in attendance (youth and parents), the day was full of fun learning and active playtime. The kids jumped into the adventure of the museum the minute they saw the netted maze of a stairway at the entrance. Scaling to the top, just to explore one exhibit after the next. The favorite exhibits of the day were Arthur and Friends and The Japanese House. Although the Boston Black  exhibit held a close third. In this exhibit, the kids enjoyed shopping around at a Dominican grocery store and then jumping over to “John Smith’s Barbershop” to style their mothers’ hair. We even stopped into “Café Sodade” to learn some Cape Verdean dance steps.

It was great to organize a fun and positive activity for tenants outside of the Spencer Green property.The trip to downtown Boston itself was an educational adventure for the children—pushing the youth to navigate the train and bus systems with the help of the adults.




Overall, the trip was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships between neighbors and to support the youth through positive recreational activities.  Best of all, the fieldtrip acted as a kick off to the second session of the afterschool program!


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